Saturday, November 22, 2014

Four-Bedroom in the Outpost Estates has Modern Luxury

Have you always wanted to live in a prestigious, beautiful development in the Hollywood Hills known for its sign? The Outpost Estates is probably not what you had in mind, but it's a historic and classy neighborhood which only allowed the construction of Spanish style homes.  This large plot of land was originally the Outpost of Harrison Gray Otis who served in the Civil War and was the first publisher of the LA Times. As Los Angeles roared to life in the 1920s Charles E. Toberman bought the land and slated it for development, but he kept Otis' name. Toberman, not necessarily a marketer at heart, knew he had to compete with the already famous Hollywood Sign and created a sign of his own, adding neon to Hollywoodland's already successful formula. Despite Toberman's efforts, the Outpost Estates were relegated to live in the shadows of its neighbor to the east. This expansive 1928 mansion, asking $2.399 million, is your chance to get in on this lesser known luxury development.

Surround sound not pictured. >>

1829 Outpost Drive manages to balance the charm of a traditional Spanish Revival with the luxuries expected from a million dollar home. The kitchen, bathroom and closets have all been updated competently if not stylishly. All three look like they were expanded to fit modern ideals. The rest of the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home and strangely appointed guesthouse all manage to retain cute original flourishes from elegant doorways, to tile stairs. Don't miss the original wooden ceiling above the staircase and the large windows in this 3,655-square-foot residence. The listing touts both the original hardware and the presence of surround sound, while trying to entice the budding starlet by highlighting it's "just minutes from the major studios."

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