Saturday, November 22, 2014

LA City Council Wages War on McMansions

Image via Beverly Hills Courier

Ever wondered if your neighbors hate you? Well, now if you live in a McMansion you know that your neighbors and the Los Angeles City Council aren't particularly happy with your aesthetic choices. Los Angeles is a town filled with people who have more money than sense and they love to build the biggest gaudiest house they can on any piece of land. It's the rest of us that have to suffer these eyesores when we drive through neighborhoods we can't afford. The LA City Council is finally taking a stand, but so far only in those ritzy parts of town. On November 4th The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to end the building of these oversized monstrosities, but only in 14 neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods are Miracle Mile, Valley Village, North Beverly Grove, Sunset Square, Larchmont Village, Carthay Square, Hombly-Westwood, Oxford Square, The El Sereno-Berkshire Craftsman District, South Hollywood, La Brea Hancock, Faircrest Heights, The Oaks and Old Granada Hills. The rules have yet to be finalized, but everyone seems to agree on the concept. One councilman, Paul Koretz claims the last issue he pushed that had this much support was the banning of puppy mills. The rules could include an outright ban on demolitions or at least limits on the size of new construction. The Los Angeles Building Industry Association tried to lobby against these rules claiming it could disrupt the sale of hundreds of homes. This makes sense because these rules could significantly limit their business. If you aren't lucky enough to live in one these 14 neighborhoods the planning department is working to make these rules citywide in the next 18 months.

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